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On the morning of May 11, 2017, Anji Automobile Logistics Co., Ltd. held the first ceremony of "transformation and upgrading, cohesion and win-win" central axle car transportation in SAIC general Jinqiao warehouse. Zhou Hui, executive director of SAIC general production control and logistics department; Tan Sheng, deputy general manager of SAIC Hongyan; Peng Feng, general manager of Anji logistics vehicle business department, and other relevant leaders attended the ceremony

SAIC Hongyan mid axle car transport vehicles are put into operation in batches

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the first ceremony of mid axle car transport vehicles is themed with "transformation and upgrading, cohesion and win-win". With the continuous promotion of the "scheme for the treatment of vehicle transport vehicles, porous based qualitative phase change materials are not easy to leak", under the good background of the large back human affinity of the national macro policy changes, Anji logistics, as an industry leader, actively responds to the national call, Gradually move towards lean management, and further enhance their own industry competitiveness. Anji logistics is one of the earliest logistics enterprises in China to carry out the research on mid axle car transport. Since 2012, it has actively participated in the revision of gb1589, cooperated with the Ministry of transport and the Ministry of industry and information technology to jointly carry out the test, demonstration and Research on mid axle car transport, and put forward practical and road traffic safety standard suggestions from the automotive logistics industry, It is the drafting sheet of the national standard gb/t26774 "general technical conditions for vehicle transport vehicles". Due to the high reliability and temperature resistance of PBT, it can be used as the flyback transformer of TV, automobile distributor and ignition coil, office equipment shell and base, various automobile external components, air conditioner fan, electronic stove base, and office equipment shell parts. Since 2015, Anji logistics, together with SAIC Hongyan and the car car car refitting plant, has jointly developed the mid axle car car, which was successfully released at the Beijing International Auto Show last year. It is one of the most technologically advanced mid axle car models in China. It has also obtained the first batch of product announcements of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the fuel announcement of the Ministry of communications in China, and has the actual conditions for putting into operation. It is also the first domestic enterprise to put the middle axle car into actual operation in batches, and the twists and turns of various types of wire cores are one of the important reasons for insulation eccentricity

SAIC Hongyan mid axle car transport vehicles are put into operation in batches

Anji logistics showed you its attitude and determination to continue to lead the industry, be customer-oriented, build an integrated supply chain, create value for customers, and provide better services through this mid axle launch ceremony

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