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SAIC Iveco Hongyan released "jieshida" car coupling system

SAIC Iveco Hongyan released "jieshida" car coupling system

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on April 21, 2015, at the 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, SAIC Iveco Hongyan grandly released its long-awaited "gen star" car coupling system based on European technology and the actual needs of Chinese users

Ma Bo, a technical engineer of SAIC Iveco Hongyan, introduced the system content of "jieshida" car service at the ceremony from the following four parts: jieshida car service + "car life", "car service", "car management" and + "car finance"

in 2015, "Internet +" was written into the premier's government work report, which means that "Internet +" has been incorporated into the top-level design and has become an important strategy for national economic and social development. Internet + a traditional industry means the improvement of this industry by a kind of ability, an external resource and environment. Based on the reality of heavy truck industry and logistics transportation, SAIC Iveco Hongyan not only equates car service with "on-board navigation + call center", but also takes the "interconnection +" as the driving force and takes the lead in using the development concept of "car service +". On the basis of IVECO's mature vehicle informatization and intelligent technology, it has launched a "jieshida" car service system integrating Chinese and foreign IOT technology, which integrates "people and vehicles", "vehicles and vehicles", "vehicles and society" "Vehicle and goods" are fully interconnected to provide users and dealers with more value-added services

the boring journey is accompanied by MP3 music that you have listened to repeatedly! Parking and rest, and the safety of goods often make drivers worried! Road congestion, there is no way to predict in advance! With the "jieshida car service", the new "car life" has achieved remarkable results. It's like picking up sesame seeds: weather, music, video, 4S store discounts, surrounding shopping and catering discounts and other kinds of information and entertainment make the journey no longer boring; Goods, fuel, batteries and even the whole vehicle have strong anti-theft protection, which can alarm, catch up and lock the car, so there is no need to worry; The red, yellow and green roads in the display screen show the congestion, slowness and smoothness at a glance

busy transportation, often forget the vehicle maintenance time! If the vehicle breaks down, you can only stop and wait patiently for service assistance! In case of an accident, it is particularly difficult to send accurate distress information! With the "jieshida car service", the new "car service" cares about zero distance: large platform, cloud data, and scientific maintenance plan make maintenance more standardized and labor-saving; Remote fault diagnosis, real-time detection, vehicle condition information provision, and calm response to sudden faults; After the accident, the vehicle will call the police automatically or manually, and the rescue center will obtain more comprehensive information

large fleet, large logistics, whether the vehicles drive according to the specified route? Is the fuel consumption cost controllable? With the "jieshida car service", the new "car management" is significantly different: driving route, regional offset alarm, location management tracking; Report customization, intelligent, fine and standardized vehicle operation management; Real time fuel consumption monitoring and fuel consumption data analysis can improve the operation behavior of drivers, achieve the best fuel consumption and maximize the cost. About 80% of heavy trucks are sold through the financial model. People often worry about the credit of loan personnel, the reminder of repayment nodes, and the running status of vehicles. With "jieshida car service", the new "vehicle finance is the equipment for its impact experiment" can help you understand the departure time, on the way situation, arrival time and inventory location of the whole vehicle; The credit standing of the loan staff can be known by checking; The repayment reminder and the notice of payment in absolute compliance with the national standard will be reached at that time. It is reported that the "jieshida" car service is divided into two versions: the standard version and the luxury version. After the official release, the new products produced by the Hongyan family will be fully equipped with the Standard Version car service system. According to the needs, they can be upgraded to the luxury version at an appropriate price increase. Of course, they can also customize personalized products such as fleet management and financial management according to the needs of users

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