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SAIC Hongyan star models appear at the China Automotive Technology Exhibition. These highlights should not be missed

SAIC Hongyan star models appear at the China Automotive Technology Exhibition. These highlights should not be missed

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when a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial change surge, due to the 10 minute compactness of USB type-C connector, when cars change from simple means of transportation to intelligent mobile terminals, what technological changes will the automotive manufacturing industry usher in

as China's leading automotive front loading industry technology event, the 9th China Automotive Technology Exhibition was grandly held in Chongqing International Expo Center on March, 2019. SAIC Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SAIC Hongyan") made its debut with two "Star" products - Hongyan Jieshi 6x4 high-power dump truck and the first self-propelled A-type RV modified based on high-end trucks in China. It uses technology to bring solutions to lightweight, intelligent connection and other fields

Hongyan dump truck: high horsepower + high load

annotate "the king of Engineering" with quality

the Hongyan Jieshi 6x4 high horsepower dump truck, which appeared in this technology exhibition, is equipped with the cursor 13L engine, which has won the Dakar Rally Champion repeatedly. It is matched with Fiat drive axle and fast transmission to form a strong platinum power chain, with a maximum output of 520p strong horsepower, a maximum torque of 2400N · m, and surging power, Fully meet various complex road conditions

Hongyan Jieshi 6x4 high-power dump truck is not only of excellent quality and strong power, but also of strong bearing capacity. The chassis of the car is made of high-strength alloy, reinforced four horse balanced suspension, standard reinforced, front wide and rear narrow integral frame, and the stability of the whole car is stronger; The front axle adopts forged I-beam, which has passed 700000 fatigue tests. The axle load is large, the bearing capacity is strong, the tensile strength is greatly improved, and it has high safety and reliability under bad working conditions

Hongyan RV: highly customized

let home and scenery travel together

another product on display at the same time is based on Hongyan Jieshi 6 × 2. The self-propelled car refitted from the chassis has a great impact on human health. The cab of the car pays attention to man-machine engineering, with wide vision, ultra-low noise, and a good man-machine environment to create a good mood; The patented four point suspension technology from Iveco is adopted to greatly reduce the vibration of the cab. In addition, the good sealing design and the first domestic interconnected dream truck technology bring more intelligent and comfortable driving enjoyment

the car not only has good comfort, but also has a high degree of customization. According to the national and provincial governments' air pollution prevention and control plan, SAIC Hongyan "spider smart selection" customized R & D platform is entrusted to create customized products and services for users based on Internet and cloud computing. It can not only customize the appearance, but also choose in terms of interior trim, powertrain, chassis, etc., to match their own "mobile home". In addition, the design of reasonable wheelbase, lengthened frame rear suspension and standardized hole location also provides sufficient space for customization

with electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing becoming the new development trend of the automotive industry, SAIC Hongyan, as the earliest heavy truck joint venture in China, has not only pioneered the era of interconnected trucks in the field of commercial vehicles in the past two years with the strong support of shareholders, but also innovated and developed with accurate market insight. 14. Shutdown of tensile testing machine: turn off the experimental motor first, and produce a series of products favored by users, With the establishment of a typical enterprise benchmark image in the heavy truck industry, which dares to break the Convention and break through innovation, and the leading "Hongyan speed" that makes the industry side goal, SAIC Hongyan has become a strong competitive force in the domestic heavy truck field

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