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On June 28, the main pipeline of Fuqing unit 5 of the first overseas pile of "Hualong 1" exported by China to Pakistan completed factory acceptance in Yantai, and Jieshi 6 of SAIC Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SAIC Hongyan") × 4 tractor, carrying this group of nuclear power equipment that was the first to go abroad, was officially shipped

SAIC Hongyan successfully delivered the "hualong-1" main pipeline

it is understood that hualong-1 is a third-generation nuclear power technology with independent intellectual property rights in China. This delivery to Pakistan marks that China has become the fourth country to have independent nuclear power technology and go abroad after the United States, France and Russia. In terms of the selection of nuclear power equipment transportation vehicles, China's nuclear power has very strict requirements. The power should be strong and stable. At the same time, energy conservation and environmental protection should be taken into account. Safety also needs to be fully guaranteed. SAIC Hongyan Jieshi 6, as the transportation of this group of nuclear power equipment × 4 high efficiency tractor can meet the transportation needs of nuclear power equipment in terms of power, efficiency, safety, etc

in terms of power performance, the car is equipped with the cursor engine from European technology Fiat power, which has the characteristics of strong power, stable performance, economy and fuel saving. According to the needs of users and different transportation conditions, it provides a variety of power matching of horsepower; In terms of control, the car is equipped with a new steering system, which has passed the international ECE R and even the 79 steering standard verification test full of risks and tests. The equipped fast gearbox is simple to operate, smooth to start and shift, reduces the driver's fatigue, and can operate flexibly even in the face of complex road conditions; In terms of safety and reliability, the cab body of the car adopts high-strength Jung industrial media to hold nearly 30 professional technology and utilization seminars in industrial fields for the Chinese manufacturing market every year. The steel plate is integrally stamped and formed, and high-precision welding. It has passed the European collision standard (ECE R29) verification. At the same time, its unique cab overall backward moving technology can be displayed in real time on the most liquid crystal display; Ensure the safety of drivers and passengers to a great extent

with the continuous promotion of the national "the Belt and Road" construction, China's nuclear power has successfully gone abroad. The relevant person in charge of SAIC Hongyan said that the Jieshi tractor can become the equipment transport vehicle relied on by China Nuclear Telecom, which is precisely because it can be used with confidence and highly recognizes the quality of Hongyan products. In the future, SAIC Hongyan will continue to strengthen innovative research and development and contribute to the construction of the national "the Belt and Road"

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