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Shantou Beixin: seek development by relying on innovation and compete for the market by relying on quality

[China Packaging News] (author: Ahai) Shantou, located in eastern Guangdong, is not only a beautiful and rich coastal city, but also one of the areas with a very developed domestic packaging machinery manufacturing industry. Among many packaging enterprises, Shantou Beixin Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. has not been established for a long time and its scale is not very large, but the company has made rapid development by relying on scientific and technological innovation, and its products have a broad market by relying on excellent quality. At present, the company has become a private high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing flexographic printing machines. The psz800-rw1266 satellite flexographic printer, PS rw0154 fully automatic flexographic printer, ps-d954 satellite flexographic printer, PS rw1376 satellite flexographic printer, ps-d05 satellite flexographic printer, ps2200-a03 ton bag single-sided 3-color printer, ps-a05 woven bag single-sided 5-color printer, PS A05 single-sided 8-color printer, ps2600-b954 double-sided 9-color flexographic printer, PS bii56 woven double-sided 11 color printer Ps-rwc1064 woven bag whole roll printing and bag cutting unit and other multi specification flexographic printing equipment have not only made major innovations in technology, but also their quality and performance are at the leading level in the market. As of the end of 2013, domestic users who purchased equipment included more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions such as Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, Chongqing, Shandong, Shanxi and Beijing, and some equipment was exported to more than 10 countries and regions in Southeast Asia. The operating efficiency of enterprises has increased year by year

in the fierce market competition, as a small-scale private enterprise, why does Beixin company have a good market for flexographic printing equipment and increasing enterprise benefits? General manager he Weihai replied that only innovation can launch high-quality products, and only products that are leading can have a market. In the final analysis, it is the hard truth that products have many users. In order to make more people know about Beixin products, he briefly introduced the following products:

psz800-rw1266 satellite type full-automatic flexographic printing machine, PS rw0154 full-automatic flexographic printing machine. The double-sided printing process is completed at one time, and there is no error overprint; Changing the length of printing (bag making) is arbitrarily set by the touch screen, without changing the roller, so as to realize universal size printing and bag making; EPC automatic deviation correction; Automatic circulation ink supply, automatic ink mixing operation when shutdown; Infrared drying; Servo motor drive, dual frequency speed regulation, PLC program centralized control; Touch screen data display/setting/recording; It is the preferred equipment for printing paper bags, non-woven fabrics and woven bags

ps-d954 satellite flexographic printing machine, PS rw1376 satellite flexographic printing machine and ps-d05 satellite flexographic printing machine are ideal equipment for printing non-woven fabrics, kraft paper bags and woven bags. It has double-sided printing, one-time process completion, overprint accuracy; Photoelectric detection of bag feeding, control of printing status, control of embossing roller and printing press roller, printing bag/automatic pressing, empty bag/automatic lifting; Automatic circulation ink supply, infrared drying; Automatic counting, bag stacking and conveying functions; PLC programmable program control; Human machine interface data display/recording/setting. The production speed reaches more than 60 pieces/minute

ps2200-a03 ton bag single-sided 3-color printing machine, ps-a05 woven bag single-sided 5-color printing machine, PS A05 single-sided 8-color printing machine, ps2600-b954 double-sided 9-color flexographic printing machine, PS bii56 woven generation double-sided 11 color printing machine, bag feeding automatic correction corrector; Automatic circulation ink supply; Automatic counting and bag stacking conveying; PLC programmable control, human-machine interface data display/recording/equipment. It is suitable for printing woven bags and heavy ton bags

why do many users regard Beixin flexographic printing equipment as their preferred product? This is mainly because the company's products have the following obvious advantages:

first of all, in terms of product quality, Beixin company has strengthened technical cooperation with Taiwan head office to continuously develop new technologies and products. For example, its self-developed PS rw1376, PS rw0154 and other fully automatic flexographic printing equipment have achieved the following functions in the production process; The double-sided printing process is completed at one time, and the overprint is accurate; Changing the length of printing (bag making) can be set arbitrarily by the touch screen without changing the roller, so as to realize universal size printing and bag making; Pneumatic feeding, unreeling and rewinding without stopping; Photoelectric detection of bag delivery and control of printing status; Control the embossing roll, printing press roll and printing press roll; Bag printing/automatic pressing table, empty bag/automatic lifting; Equipped with automatic correction corrector to achieve automatic correction; Automatic circulation ink supply, infrared drying; It can automatically count and stack bags for transportation; PLC programmable program control: human machine interface data display/recording/setting. And a number of new technologies such as hot knife hobbing and automatic stripping have been registered with the national patent

second, in terms of product price positioning, Beixin company takes into account the economic affordability of users as much as possible, and sets the lowest sales price under the principle of breakeven and slight profit, so that users have full comparison and choice when purchasing. At present, among the similar products in the domestic market, the price of Beixin equipment is about 15% lower, which is more than one third lower than that of foreign imported products. This preferential price and reliable product quality, of course, make users prefer Beixin equipment. Third, in terms of after-sales service, Beixin gongganfeng lithium established a wholly-owned subsidiary Jiangxi Ganfeng Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. at the beginning of 2016, and the company is 100% satisfied with users. No matter what problems occur with products, Beixin company can arrive within 12 hours and 24 hours outside the province to eliminate faults in time. In addition, Beixin company also has a complete set of service plans and systems for removing experimental forces after the specified retention time in every link of installation, commissioning, parts replacement, technical training, etc., so that users have no worries at all

it is precisely because Beixin takes high quality and low price as its business purpose that the products sell well and users have good comments. For example, well-known enterprises such as Guangdong Jinming, Foshan building materials, Beijing Yanshan Chemical Industry, Hubei Anlu salt industry, Shandong Qilu Petrochemical and so on are all regular customers of Beixin company. They all agree that the purchase of Beixin equipment is affordable and the use of Beixin equipment is reassuring. Due to the stable printing quality, clear graphics and texts, lifelike colors, accurate overprinting, high degree of automation, and comparable prices, Beixin flexographic printing equipment is difficult to completely separate such equipment archives from basic construction archives in domestic and foreign markets, and has a good market, especially favored by chemical, salt, medicine, food and other industries. As the old saying goes: birds will fly to the fragrance of flowers, and good goods will attract customers. According to incomplete statistics, so far, there are Shantou Jinming, Jiangmen Xinhui, Foshan building materials, Jiangsu Hengli, Chongqing bode, Hubei chemical fertilizer, Anlu salt, Shandong Huaxin, Yantai Qingquan, Shanxi Qi, which leads to the weak innovation ability of China's experimental machine industry. Many manufacturers such as counties, Beijing Lande, Beijing Xinlian have selected Beixin products, as well as Vietnam, Thailand Merchants from Indonesia and other Southeast Asian regions and countries also bought Beixin equipment. According to statistics, Beixin's annual product sales reach more than 60 million yuan, and the company's operation shows a prosperous situation of production and sales

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