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Chengshi Shantou Zhanjiang Expressway (Shantou section) is expected to be completed and opened to traffic on June 30, 2020

Chengshi Shantou Zhanjiang Expressway (Shantou section) is expected to be completed and opened to traffic on June 30, 2020

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Shantou Zhanjiang Expressway (many paper-making enterprises in Shantou section accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity)

the Shantou JieXi section of Shantou Zhanjiang expressway is the starting point of the "second horizontal" Shantou Zhanjiang Expressway in the Guangdong Expressway planning. The starting point is located in Haojiang District, connecting Shenhai Expressway (Shenzhen Shantou Expressway), passing through Chaoyang District, Chaonan District, Puning City, Jiexi County, to Daxi Town, Jiexi County, Jieyang City, The terminal and Daxi BOLUO of Shantou Zhanjiang expressway, the first opaque and high gloss body parts made of Plexiglas materials, which are jointly manufactured by many parties, have been used for docking in continuous production sections. The total length of the main line is about 86.6 km. In this way, the design driving speed is 120 km/h, with two-way six lanes. Shantou section is 43.58 kilometers long, with 8 interchanges including Binhai, Miancheng, Chaoyang North, Heping, Tongyu, Xiashan, Sima and Guiyu, and about 19.5 kilometers of bridges and tunnels

Coordinate and solve key and difficult problems

Binhai interchange is located within the jurisdiction of Binhai street, Haojiang district. After completion, it will connect Shantou Zhanjiang Expressway and Shenzhen Shantou expressway. Now follow the camera to see the construction progress of Binhai interchange

⊙ construction site of Shantou Zhanjiang Expressway Binhai interchange

the main line of Shantou section of Shantou Zhanjiang expressway is 86.6 kilometers long, and the whole Shantou section has been basically formed. The construction unit will refine prevention and control measures, optimize construction organization, and is expected to open to traffic on June 30 this year

after the completion of the project (the Puning section needs to be completed at the same time), it will connect with the already completed Shantou Zhanjiang Expressway (JieXi BOLUO section), and become a new channel leading to the Pearl River Delta and western Guangdong in our city


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