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The plastic free paper cup of Shangxin Hainan under the ban will be mass produced soon

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core tip: from December 1, Hainan will be fully "plastic banned", and the production of plastic products listed in the "list of disposable non degradable plastic products prohibited from production, sale and use in Hainan Province (the first batch)" will be banned

from December 1, Hainan will be fully "plastic banned", Plastic products listed in the list of disposable non degradable plastic products prohibited from production and sale in Hainan Province (the first batch) will be banned from production and sale

recently, Haikou chengjiamei plastic packaging Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "chengjiamei") saw that the company has developed and produced a plastic free paper cup. The polyethylene (PE) coating in the traditional paper cup is replaced by a water-based coating according to the medium and long term railway network plan of the State Council, realizing full biodegradation

disposable paper cups are not recyclable? Because it contains polyethylene coating

the disposable paper cups commonly used in daily life seem to be very environmentally friendly, but they are non recyclable in garbage classification. "The paper cup is limited by the non waterproof property of paper products. In order to prevent water seepage, plastic polyethylene (PE) coated film will be added to the paper cup." Chengjiamei's chairman Chen Guangan said that hot drinks will be coated in the cup, and cold drinks will be coated inside and outside the cup. It is not easy to separate from paper in the recycling process, so it is classified as non recyclable waste

in March this year, Hainan Province issued the list of disposable non degradable plastic products prohibited from production, sales and use in Hainan Province (the first batch), which includes disposable films, bags, and bags containing polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and other non biological materials that degrade high molecular materials Catering utensils, such as shopping bags, paper plastic composite packaging bags, garbage bags, as well as disposable lunch boxes, bowls, beverage cups and straws. The production, sale and use of these plastic products will be banned from December 1 this year

the degradation time is short, and the combustion is odorless. Mass production will be achieved in mid November.

in May this year, for example, the composite mortar insulation system, chengjiamei began the research and development of plastic free paper cups. "We imported masterbatches from abroad and adjusted the proportion of additives according to the actual situation before developing this plastic free paper cup." Chen Guangan and his team have conducted six tests successively. According to the different production machines and equipment and operation processes, they have made minor adjustments to the ingredients added to ensure the construction of major national projects, and observed the use of the products before successfully developing the water-borne coating for plastic free paper cups

it was seen at the scene that this plastic free paper cup does not look different from ordinary paper cups in appearance. Ignite the two types of paper cups with fire, and the ordinary paper cup will emit some black smoke with a slight plastic smell, while the plastic free paper cup smells no peculiar smell, and the burning taste is the same as that of ordinary paper. What is the water resistance of the water-based coating? Half a cup of hot tea was filled on site, and it did not soften after half an hour. The feeling of using it was the same as that of an ordinary paper cup

"PLA (polylactic acid) is generally used to produce plastic free paper cups, but the high cost of raw materials leads to relatively high product prices." Chen Guangan said that PLA also has relatively high requirements for production technology, and there will be delamination when the technical treatment is not in place, which will affect the quality. "This plastic free paper cup also has a short degradation time under natural conditions, and the water-based coating and paper can be fully biodegradable."

Chen Guangan revealed that at present, the technology of plastic free paper cups has matured, and has also obtained relevant production qualifications and patents. It is expected to achieve mass production in mid November this year. It is planned to build six production lines with an annual output of 1000 tons, which will help carry out the "plastic ban" work in Hainan

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