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Shantou has built a national plastic logistics distribution base

as the pillar industry of Shantou industry, the plastic industry has formed an industrial chain system with complete categories, many enterprises, high-tech technological advantages and close industrial structure after more than 20 years of reform and opening up. Shantou has now become the world's major production base of toy industry and plastic products, with an annual output value of 20billion yuan. Now, Shantou should make every effort to build a national logistics distribution base for plastic products on this basis

the plastic industry is the pillar industry of Shantou's comprehensive economy, which will have the second largest interactive impact on many industries that have been unable to be put into production. The existence of these problems in Shantou has made it impossible for China's plastic machinery industry to meet Vesta's service, engineering expertise and commitment to quality as soon as possible. It is recognized by global customers as the leader of foreign plastic machinery. The plastic industry has a series of brilliant achievements: Shantou plastic machinery manufacturing industry maintains a high level and leading position in China, and is China's famous plastic machinery, packaging machinery Printing machinery production base and the largest printing and packaging film wholesale base and printing base in China; Chenghai District has become the most important toy manufacturing and processing base in China and even the world, and Shantou has also formed the largest audio-visual products production base in China. At the same time, in the past two years, Shantou is increasingly becoming a centralized production base for large-scale domestic office plastic stationery, cosmetics, washing supplies, artificial flowers, colored strip cloth, food packaging, plastic daily necessities, plastic electronics, electrical appliances, cables, and plastic shoes. Plastic products consume more than 2million tons of plastic raw materials every year in the three cities of eastern Guangdong; The city has 12 BOPP film production lines, with an annual output of more than 70000 tons. The imported packaging film materials and film manufacturing industry in eastern Guangdong, with Shantou as the center, has formed a new pattern. In recent years, the total import volume of various films in eastern Guangdong has reached 100000 ~ 120000 tons every year, forming the largest packaging material distribution center in the country. In addition, Shantou is also the largest production and distribution base of plastic recycled materials, waste materials and modified materials in China. The import volume of plastic raw materials is about 600000 tons per year, ranking fourth in the country after Shanghai, Huangpu and Shenzhen

insiders believe that Shantou has extremely perfect advantages in the structure of the plastic industry chain. In fact, it has formed a very important distribution center for plastic products manufacturing, warehousing, business flow and logistics in southern China, including Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi and other places. The daily market price changes of plastic raw materials in Shantou have greatly affected the market prices in various parts of the country. But now, with the fierce market competition, as well as the impact and impact of the adjustment of national policies and China's entry into WTO, Shantou's competitors in the plastic industry are constantly increasing, and its strength is also constantly strengthening. Facing the current situation of Shantou's plastic industry chain structure, which is increasingly perfect and has unlimited business opportunities, but is at the bottleneck of development and expansion, in order to consolidate the status of Shantou's plastic industry and speed up the development of Shantou's plastic industry, Shantou's relevant parties decided to take the measures of "going out, please come in and stay", actively publicize Shantou, and will hold the first international plastic Expo in Shantou from November 20 to 23, Create the status of Shantou plastic brand, let domestic and foreign merchants know more about the style of Shantou plastic industry, and further promote the strength and expansion of Shantou plastic industry. (chanjing)

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