Shanghai's paint output in July was 13.22 million

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In July, Shanghai's paint production was 132200 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 63.1%

in July, Shanghai's paint production was 132200 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 63.1%

August 27, 2010

[China paint information] after Shanghai's industrial production fell all the way in the first half of the year, 7 overflow and overtemperature rebounded slightly in the inspection months. The six key industrial industries have enhanced the driving force for the city's industrial development, and the output of major industrial products has increased, which are positive factors driving the city's industrial production. The decline in the production and marketing rate and the decline in export growth may have an adverse impact on the development of the next stage

in terms of industries, among the 34 industrial industries in the city, the total industrial output value of 30 industries increased over the same month last year, accounting for more than 80% of the number of industries in the city, four more than last month. The growth rate reached double digits in 22, of which 10 were higher than the average level of the city, respectively: the tobacco products industry increased by 68 We should also make full use of the capacity of the research dynamometer owned by the parent company, which should not exceed 3% of the sample's predicted fracture load. The recycling and processing industry of waste resources and waste materials increased by 50.6%, the manufacturing industry of special equipment increased by 48.3%, the furniture manufacturing industry increased by 46.8%, the manufacturing industry of communication equipment, computing machines and other electronic equipment increased by 42.6%, the manufacturing industry of cultural, educational and sporting goods as long as the spring is put into the test panel increased by 37.5%, the instrumentation and culture The office machinery manufacturing industry increased by 34.1%, the transportation equipment manufacturing industry increased by 33.9%, the handicraft and other manufacturing industry increased by 30.4%, and the petroleum processing, coking and nuclear fuel processing industry increased by 23.7%

according to the situation of different industries, the six industries showed different degrees of growth. The growth rate of petrochemical and fine chemical manufacturing industry increased slightly, by 20.1%, and the growth rate increased by 1 percentage point. Among petrochemical products, 132200 tons of coatings were produced, an increase of 63.1% over the same month last year; 195400 tons of ethylene, an increase of 59.8%; 306300 tons of plastic in primary form, an increase of 37.6%; 41400 tons of chemical fiber, an increase of 13.3%; 1.9205 million tons of crude oil were processed, an increase of 10.1%

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